Green Tea LATTE Mask


Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, it was Father’s Day here in the states so I spent time with the fam.

I am super duper pumped about today’s beauty review because yes, it’s another sheet mask and it’s green tea with a twist! This mask is a fusion sheet mask with the benefits of 2 in 1.

This is another TJ Maxx find with the same brand as last week’s sheet mask. This one however, is very different because it combines the benefits of two different ingredients into one. Green tea and latte!

Green tea is there to help protect skin from free radicals and latte (milk) is there to nourish the skin and gradually repair skin discoloration. Basically, this sounded like it was just what I needed! I struggle with acne marks/dark spots so the milk part of this mask really intrigued me. Plus, who doesn’t love green tea skincare?


Even though this mask is from the same brand as last week’s, this one was A LOT easier to unfold and place on the face. It was differently shaped too so it fit better as well. Already, this was becoming my preferred mask of the two. It smelled so nice! The green tea latte scent is very light and airy, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I love that this brand puts a little message to remind you that you can refrigerate the mask for a more cooling effect. This is a great idea for the summer time! I didn’t do that but I still felt the cool after effect once I took off the sheet mask. My skin felt a lot more healthy after having this on and the next morning, my face was glowing. I highly recommend this product!

With love,



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