Jeju Lemon Mask


Hey guys! Sorry about no post on Friday, I ended up being out of the house all day and it was SO HOT as well.

But now I am back with another sheet mask review! And it is one of my favorites since it involves lemon which is a common brightening ingredient in beauty products. Plus, I love anything citrus.

This is a Korean sheet mask from Secret Nature that I managed to find at Marshall’s, it claims to have real natural ingredients, including some plant extracts from Jeju.

Everything about this sounded like it was my cup of tea so I was very excited to try the masks. It contains lemon extract which of course, is great for dark spots and it helps to revitalize and clarify the skin. As you may know by now, I struggle with dark spots so anything that helps is a win in my book. It also has Jeju Complex which is Jeju oxygenated water and Jeju honey extract. Interesting!


You know the sheet mask is good when it practically looks like a second skin. It feels like a second skin too, I slapped this bad boy on and relaxed for the next half hour. I definitely felt like I was getting some great quality serum and I enjoyed the light citrus scent.

After taking it off, my face felt very fresh and light. This is a wonderful mask for the summer as well because you get a nice cooling effect afterwards. I would recommend this mask to anyone struggling with dark spots, it gradually helps to lighten those areas. I hope you all are enjoying the sheet mask posts!

With love,



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