Japanese Snack Haul: Part 2


Hello everyone! I am back with that Japanese snack haul and I’m very happy to share some more goodies.

Trying all these things makes me want to REALLY visit Japan. I’ve always wanted to go, but trying cool drinks and snacks makes me want it more. Time to talk about those soft drinks this time!

So I’m not a huge soda drinker, like all I drink is fruit sodas or sparkling water basically, but I remember trying Ramune awhile back when I was visiting LA. Of course, my friend and I wanted to try it because it’s THE marble soda people think of when they think Japanese drinks. However, I was also interested in the taste, how different would it be from American soft drinks?

And boy was I surprised. I got the strawberry flavored one and it was so light and refreshing, I was floored. The carbonation is way more mellow so the drink goes down smoother. I’ve been interested in Japanese sodas ever since.

These are the two sodas I managed to get my hands on. One is a Japanese tangerine flavored drink and the other is a citrus flavor, similar to Sprite. The tangerine one is a perfect size for me because it’s about 8 oz so it’s just the right amount.

I was not disappointed. Both soft drinks were lightly carbonated, refreshing, and tasted amazing. The tangerine one especially was like a fizzy version of juice. It was such a fantastic little pick-me-up in the afternoon, I really enjoyed it.

The cider (aka the citrus one) was refreshing and crisp, it went so well with a slightly greasy lunch that I had. I was eating fried chicken and this soda really helped to wash everything down. I honestly think this is even better than Sprite, it’s really delicious.

And the thing is, Japan has SO MANY variations of soda! I’ve seen peach flavored ones and melon flavored ones, I want to try them all eventually. I am partial to fruit flavored anything really and Japanese soft drinks are more mellow so I definitely want to get my hands on more. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

With love,



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