Charcoal Sheet Mask


Hey guys! Fourth of July is literally tomorrow so things are about to get a little crazy busy.

Thankfully I got a nice little sheet mask review today to tide things over until next week. We all know that charcoal is pretty amazing so when it’s used in a sheet mask, it’s like twice the power. Plus, black sheet masks look pretty cool, am I right?

This is another Korean sheet mask from The Creme Shop that I managed to find at TJ Maxx. And apparently this a special edition so I’m not entirely sure how long this will be available.

On the front, you can read all the great little effects this mask is supposed to have on your skin. It’s good for acne, unbalanced complexion, reduces size of pores, and detoxifies the skin. Basically, if you are having a really bad skin week, this is a nice little product to have on hand.

When it’s my time of the month, I get the worst hormonal acne, without fail. I used this two nights in a row because I wanted to see how well this worked.


It smells so nice! The mask has a decent amount of serum as well, I wore this for awhile to really soak in all the nutrients. Let me tell you, I noticed a difference in my skin right away. Charcoal never ceases to amaze me, my face looked brighter after having the mask on. A lot of my problem areas were more calm as well, less redness and inflammation.

It’s pretty gentle too, there is no intense tingling that past charcoal masks have left on me. So I would say this brand is a bit better for people with more sensitive skin. All in all, I would highly recommend the sheet masks! It’s a wonderful addition to your skin regimen.

With love,



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