Japanese Snack Haul: Part 3


Hey guys! My blog schedule is still wonky but again, it is still summer. I’ve been getting busier lately but that won’t stop me from the blog posts!

I have finally come back with the third part to the Japanese snack haul and it’s gonna be all about that coffee! Get excited because I sure did whilst trying these bad boys.

I got 4 different kinds because I wanted to see the differences and which one I would prefer the most. Two of the coffees are in smaller cans while the other two are in soda-sized cans.

I don’t usually do canned/bottled coffee because I’m used to brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ where they pump the stuff full of sugar and milk and extra what-not so I can never finish the bottle. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw the short ingredient list on these Asian coffees.

One is just milk coffee while the other has a vanilla flavor and both were pretty delicious, I must say. This Pokka brand isn’t Japanese I think (from what I read on the can) but it’s sold in that part of the world. I loved it! Tasted like iced coffee with just the right amount of sweetness. Nothing was overdone and I could finish the can just fine.

The vanilla definitely was the better one in my opinion but honestly, I could do both any morning. If you like coffee but hate all the extra crap in bottled ones from popular American brands, you might want to look into the Japanese market.

Now the UCC brand is one I’ve read that is pretty dang popular in Japan and they do canned teas too. I definitely had to try their coffee with milk. The other coffee is from the Pokka brand only it’s a bigger size and their “gold” version.

The main difference between the two is the Pokka Gold was darker, I feel like it had less milk but it still went down very smooth. I found it quite delicious and my dad got to take a sip and he said it was great as well.

The UCC coffee was my absolute favorite of the entire bunch, it was the right amount of everything and tasted like the best iced coffee I’ve had in awhile. It’s just cold coffee with milk but something about that fresh taste, it was too good. And want to know the best thing about all of these canned coffees?

Every single one of these was under 150 calories. That’s like less than half the calorie count I find in American bottled brands! And every single one of the Asian coffees was delicious, there wasn’t one I didn’t like. Hopefully this gets your curiosity piqued and you get a chance to try something different as well!

With love,



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