Jeju Green Tea Sheet Mask!


Hey guys! It’s pretty overcast here in Texas and I’m absolutely loving it because it’s making the weather cooler as well.

And if you recognize the packaging on this box of sheet masks, that’s because it is very familiar. The same foam cleanser I reviewed awhile back has a sheet mask form! What are the chances? As soon as I spotted this, I had to have my hands on it.

This product is a Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask from Welcos. So yeah, same brand and everything. The cleanser I tried before smelled fantastic and I enjoyed using it so I was pretty pumped to try the sheet masks.

I found this box of 10 at Marshall’s (big surprise there) and that makes me happy because as you all may know, I am basically a confirmed sheet mask addict. Packs of sheet masks are great because they are usually the better deal. Anyway, this sheet mask is great for moisturizing and purifying the skin. I mean, it is using green tea from Jeju!


As you can see from this shot, it is a decently form-fitting mask! And it’s nicely soaked with serum, you can see a bit of it that I rubbed onto my neck as well. The scent is AMAZING! I love the smell of Jeju green tea, it’s so soothing.

I tried this mask a couple nights in a row and I loved the results. My skin felt rejuvenated to say the least, I would wake up the next day with a nice glow. Green tea is such a great natural remedy for tired skin. You never realize how much you put your face through on a daily basis until you use a good sheet mask like this one. I highly recommend this product!

With love,



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