Life Update!


Hey guys! Love my main pic for this blog post? Because I am so excited for season 2 of Stranger Things. But that’s another thing entirely.

Time for me to give you lovely readers an update on my life, how things are going, and how things might change in terms of when posts are coming out.

Nothing bad is happening, I assure you guys, it’s just that I’ve finally landed a decent part-time job and that will change some things.

Since I won’t have as much time as usual, posts might be coming more spread out through the month. I’m thinking I’m going to do one post a week. I was kind of already aiming for that and testing out the waters and I think it’ll be really great! I found it easier to have time for bringing out more creatively written posts.

Not to worry, I won’t be going away anytime soon! I will definitely be looking out for more skincare items to try and test for you guys. Also, I’m trying to get back into more makeup items as well, I haven’t really been trying anything new. I need to get my groove back!

It will take some time to get everything situated because with a new job, it’s always a trial and error of finding that nice flow. Thanks for the understanding!

On an end note, thank you all for reading, you’re all lovely and deserve to have a wonderful weekend!

With love,



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