Japanese Snack Haul: Final


Hey guys! I know with the posts being so spread out, it took me awhile to get to the final stretch of this series but it’s here now!

I’ve tried all the Asian drinks so now I’m onto the actual food snacks. Green tea pocky and those infamous Hi-Chews, I was familiar with some bits but others were definitely new to me.

The place I ordered from also gave me a few free snacks to try as well! So there are some food items I didn’t even know about and I wasn’t about to say no to free food.

I got to try some cool special edition Kit Kats and green tea pocky! I’ve tried green tea items before, but surprisingly I’ve never had the pocky version of the stuff.

The Kit Kats were really cool, they were a dark chocolate blend with cranberry bits and almond bits. I definitely tasted chocolate and almond flavor, but the cranberry was a bit lacking. Other than that, these were delicious candies! The pocky was similar to green tea Kit Kats I’ve had before so I enjoyed those thoroughly. If you like matcha flavored anything, these will be your jam.

Hi-Chews in the bite sized version looked pretty cute so I had to try those first. They look like tiny pastel balls. They also look a bit chalky, which unfortunately, that was the case for the taste. These were not my favorite, they didn’t even really taste like the grape and strawberry flavors they were supposed to be. These got a thumbs down from me.

The original Hi-Chews however, were a much different story and in a good way. I bought the cherry berry mix and the original. These were absolutely fruity and delightful! My favorite flavor was definitely cherry but the others like grape and green apple were good too. And I could tell where they got their name from because these little guys were pretty chewy. It wasn’t hard to eat but if you don’t like chewy things, then these aren’t for you.

All in all, I had a great purchase from the Asian Food Grocer. I got to try a variety of Asian goods and while there were hits and misses, I can now say I’ve tried some Asian snacks. I call that a win in my book!

With love,



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