ELF Gel Cleanser


Hey guys! It’s Monday, everyone is going crazy about the solar eclipse and what not, but I want to talk about skincare.

There is this new cleanser from ELF cosmetics that I had to try. I spotted it whilst browsing Wal-Mart and thought, this sounds intriguing. Keep reading for my full review!

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Ushering in All Things Fall


Hey guys! It’s getting close to that time of year again! I’m popping in real quick to do a short post to usher in the new season right.

What would my blog be without some kind of “GET EXCITED FOR FALL” post? If you are a lover of the season as well, join me in the giddy feeling that comes with it. I got a few small things to prep for fall and you already know it involves some Bath & Body Works.

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Covergirl Clean Matte


Hey guys! It’s Monday and the beginning of a brand new week and I am so pumped up because it feels like starting over anew.

Especially since I finally managed to get back to makeup related items! Starting a new job, I wanted an affordable foundation that was still decent. Keep reading for my review on a Covergirl product!

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Japanese Snack Haul: Final


Hey guys! I know with the posts being so spread out, it took me awhile to get to the final stretch of this series but it’s here now!

I’ve tried all the Asian drinks so now I’m onto the actual food snacks. Green tea pocky and those infamous Hi-Chews, I was familiar with some bits but others were definitely new to me.

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Life Update!


Hey guys! Love my main pic for this blog post? Because I am so excited for season 2 of Stranger Things. But that’s another thing entirely.

Time for me to give you lovely readers an update on my life, how things are going, and how things might change in terms of when posts are coming out.

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Orange Purifying Mask


Hey guys! I’m starting the week off right with another nifty little sheet mask review.

I keep finding some good ones at Marshall’s so I highly recommend snooping around your nearest store. You might hit the jackpot. This is an Orange Purifying mask from that Welcos brand I keep seeing.

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Jeju Green Tea Sheet Mask!


Hey guys! It’s pretty overcast here in Texas and I’m absolutely loving it because it’s making the weather cooler as well.

And if you recognize the packaging on this box of sheet masks, that’s because it is very familiar. The same foam cleanser I reviewed awhile back has a sheet mask form! What are the chances? As soon as I spotted this, I had to have my hands on it.

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Japanese Snack Haul: Part 3


Hey guys! My blog schedule is still wonky but again, it is still summer. I’ve been getting busier lately but that won’t stop me from the blog posts!

I have finally come back with the third part to the Japanese snack haul and it’s gonna be all about that coffee! Get excited because I sure did whilst trying these bad boys.

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Blueberry Sheet Mask


Hey guys! Again, gonna have to apologize for the wonky schedule but it is summer so it’s to be expected.

I have relatives over and I’ve been out of town for a bit but I am back today with another sheet mask review! I managed to find a blueberry mask from the same brand as the tea tree ones I’ve used recently.

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Charcoal Sheet Mask


Hey guys! Fourth of July is literally tomorrow so things are about to get a little crazy busy.

Thankfully I got a nice little sheet mask review today to tide things over until next week. We all know that charcoal is pretty amazing so when it’s used in a sheet mask, it’s like twice the power. Plus, black sheet masks look pretty cool, am I right?

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