Orange Purifying Mask


Hey guys! I’m starting the week off right with another nifty little sheet mask review.

I keep finding some good ones at Marshall’s so I highly recommend snooping around your nearest store. You might hit the jackpot. This is an Orange Purifying mask from that Welcos brand I keep seeing.

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Jeju Green Tea Sheet Mask!


Hey guys! It’s pretty overcast here in Texas and I’m absolutely loving it because it’s making the weather cooler as well.

And if you recognize the packaging on this box of sheet masks, that’s because it is very familiar. The same foam cleanser I reviewed awhile back has a sheet mask form! What are the chances? As soon as I spotted this, I had to have my hands on it.

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Japanese Snack Haul: Part 3


Hey guys! My blog schedule is still wonky but again, it is still summer. I’ve been getting busier lately but that won’t stop me from the blog posts!

I have finally come back with the third part to the Japanese snack haul and it’s gonna be all about that coffee! Get excited because I sure did whilst trying these bad boys.

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Blueberry Sheet Mask


Hey guys! Again, gonna have to apologize for the wonky schedule but it is summer so it’s to be expected.

I have relatives over and I’ve been out of town for a bit but I am back today with another sheet mask review! I managed to find a blueberry mask from the same brand as the tea tree ones I’ve used recently.

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Charcoal Sheet Mask


Hey guys! Fourth of July is literally tomorrow so things are about to get a little crazy busy.

Thankfully I got a nice little sheet mask review today to tide things over until next week. We all know that charcoal is pretty amazing so when it’s used in a sheet mask, it’s like twice the power. Plus, black sheet masks look pretty cool, am I right?

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Japanese Snack Haul: Part 2


Hello everyone! I am back with that Japanese snack haul and I’m very happy to share some more goodies.

Trying all these things makes me want to REALLY visit Japan. I’ve always wanted to go, but trying cool drinks and snacks makes me want it more. Time to talk about those soft drinks this time!

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Jeju Lemon Mask


Hey guys! Sorry about no post on Friday, I ended up being out of the house all day and it was SO HOT as well.

But now I am back with another sheet mask review! And it is one of my favorites since it involves lemon which is a common brightening ingredient in beauty products. Plus, I love anything citrus.

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Green Tea LATTE Mask


Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, it was Father’s Day here in the states so I spent time with the fam.

I am super duper pumped about today’s beauty review because yes, it’s another sheet mask and it’s green tea with a twist! This mask is a fusion sheet mask with the benefits of 2 in 1.

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Japanese Snack Haul: Part 1


Hey guys! It’s Friday and I am so so SO happy to be finally talking about a recent cool find.

I was looking up where to buy various Japanese drinks online and I managed to find a decent site and got a variety of things to try! Because of the many different things, I’m splitting these posts up for convenience.

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Lavender Infused Sheet Mask


Hey guys! I’m starting this Monday off with a bang because I’ve got another sheet mask review and it’s pretty exciting.

This is my first time using a lavender infused sheet mask and I couldn’t be happier! Lavender is one of my all time favorite scents and now I have found it in a mask meant for treating acne and soothing the skin.

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