Japanese Snack Haul: Part 2


Hello everyone! I am back with that Japanese snack haul and I’m very happy to share some more goodies.

Trying all these things makes me want to REALLY visit Japan. I’ve always wanted to go, but trying cool drinks and snacks makes me want it more. Time to talk about those soft drinks this time!

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Jeju Lemon Mask


Hey guys! Sorry about no post on Friday, I ended up being out of the house all day and it was SO HOT as well.

But now I am back with another sheet mask review! And it is one of my favorites since it involves lemon which is a common brightening ingredient in beauty products. Plus, I love anything citrus.

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Green Tea LATTE Mask


Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, it was Father’s Day here in the states so I spent time with the fam.

I am super duper pumped about today’s beauty review because yes, it’s another sheet mask and it’s green tea with a twist! This mask is a fusion sheet mask with the benefits of 2 in 1.

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Japanese Snack Haul: Part 1


Hey guys! It’s Friday and I am so so SO happy to be finally talking about a recent cool find.

I was looking up where to buy various Japanese drinks online and I managed to find a decent site and got a variety of things to try! Because of the many different things, I’m splitting these posts up for convenience.

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Lavender Infused Sheet Mask


Hey guys! I’m starting this Monday off with a bang because I’ve got another sheet mask review and it’s pretty exciting.

This is my first time using a lavender infused sheet mask and I couldn’t be happier! Lavender is one of my all time favorite scents and now I have found it in a mask meant for treating acne and soothing the skin.

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New Green Tea Sheet Mask


Hey guys! It’s Friday and I am pumped up because the weekend is near and I have a sheet mask review today.

We all know green tea is amazing in many ways, like having natural antibacterial properties and such. Having that in a sheet mask is a huge plus so when I find one, I automatically jump at the chance to try it!

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New Tea Tree Masks


Hello everyone! My sister’s birthday was on Friday so that’s why there was no post. Also, if you follow me on Twitter, you would have gotten the heads up.

But I’m back now and I’m so happy to be doing another sheet mask review! I managed to find this pack of masks at Marshall’s and it’s tea tree on top of that. For oily skin types, this is the best!

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Benefits of Rose Tea


Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend! As mentioned last week, I really want to talk about rose tea.

There is a reason why I’m filing this under beauty related stuff because this is actually something common in Asia. I have noticed (mostly in Korean media) that people love to drink rose tea in the evening. I had to look up the benefits!

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Innisfree Masks: Faves


Hey guys! I know I have readers from everywhere but here, it’s the last day of school and that means that summer officially starts this weekend.

How is the time flying by so fast? Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you were expecting this post for quite some time now. I’ve used most of the Innisfree masks and I want to point out some favorites!

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